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How does the first hour go?

We examine your topic and which questions arise from it, determine a first focus. We clarify what is important for you, how regularly our lessons should take place and what time frame is appropriate.

Where does the coaching take place ?

In the centre of Munich, district Lehel.

How long does an hour unit last ?

One hour of coaching lasts 60 minutes. How many units you book for a session depends on the setting we choose. It may be that for certain job-oriented questions a coaching block of 4 hours is sufficient; – whereas some questions require development time.


Your privacy is fully respected. Everything that is discussed in the consulting session is subject to absolute confidentiality. The hours are arranged in such a way that no client meets the other.

Is the consultation tax deductible ?

Professional advice and orientation are tax deductible.

Please send me an email if your question was not included: